Perfect Jeans is a Danish company founded by two innovative entrepreneurs from Svendborg in Denmark, who together have more than 18 years of experience with clothes and textiles.

How we got the idea

In all the years we've been in the clothing business, we often wondered why the perfect pair of jeans for women didn't exist. The women did not have the opportunity to walk comfortably in a pair of jeans, and we thought that was a pity. Why didn't there exist a pair of jeans for women who were both super-comfortable, with a timeless design and didn't lose their color? We wondered for a long time whether this would be something that we could create with our experience in the industry.

From idea to action

We started by doing a very large and thorough market survey to find out if there was a real need for the perfect pair of jeans for women. The study showed that there was a huge need, but to what extent and on what precise parameters we did not know at the time; in spite of this, we still had blood on our teeth. We wanted to make the perfect pair of jeans for women. Our vision and mission was clear to us: we wanted to create the perfect pair of jeans for all women regardless of body type. The next step was to talk to factories, designers and experts in fabric and materials to find the perfect combination to the perfect jeans. It turned out to be quite a round, and we began to understand here why the perfect pair of women's jeans didn't already exist. After several months of meetings, samples of fabric and weaving patterns, we realized that this was a much more difficult task than we had originally anticipated.

Hard work and samples

Time went by and frustration got bigger and bigger. For many months in a row, we had been getting samples of goods back home, talking to countless factories, designers and not least experts in the field, but regardless, we still hadn't found the right combination to create the perfect jeans. Luckily, we got smarter and smarter, and it was worth gold, and we kept on working, and we kept sending samples back and forth between the factories to find the perfect combination of material, weaving, design and fit. So it would be even better than the sample we'd just received, which happened a lot.

The right combination

Thirteen months and countless improvements later, it finally happened. We now had the recipe for the perfect pair of women's jeans. We had created a pair of jeans that did not compromise with comfort, design or quality. In addition, they have been given a unique and timeless design, so that you can enjoy them for many years. They are made in an incredibly stretchable material that ensures optimal comfort throughout the day.

We hope you enjoyed the story of how we made the perfect jeans for women. We hope that you will support us and be part of the journey. Thank you so much for reading.

If you want to follow the journey, you can buy Perfect Jeans by clicking here.

Best regards
Emil & Signe